Betegeink mondták

  • ‘Hello everybody, this is a mountain climbing photo of me from last year between the two surgeries (after anterior cruciate ligament rupture and before reconstruction) very far up high! Thank you to the clinic!’ Magdó Jani

    Magdó Jani

  • ‘Today was the first time since my surgery that I put on ice skates. It has been about a year now and I can use my operated leg perfectly safely. Thank you Dr. Knoll Zsolt, thank you Emineo!’ Vákár Balázs

    Vákár Balázs

  • ‘It has been more than a year now and my knee is perfect. Thank you very much Dr. Knoll Zsolt and Emineo Healthcare Centre!’ Gianni Annoni

    Gianni Annoni

  • ‘Congratulations, it is a very elegant and high standard clinic. And I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Knoll Zsolt for helping to make me healthy and to return to sports (after a cruciate ligament rupture!)’ Pap Iván

    Pap Iván