SPORTS INJURIES: How to prevent muscle strain?

SPORTS INJURIES: How to prevent muscle strain?

Muscle strain is one of the most common sports injuries. It may occur as a consequence of a false move, a sudden change of direction, or a jump. It frequently occurs at football (soccer), handball, baseball and ice-hockey players. Lack of warm-up and low ambient temperature may also be responsible for muscle strain. This is why it is very important to warm up before doing exercise, especially in cold weather.

How do I know that it is indeed a muscle strain?

Muscle strain occurs most often in the muscles of the leg, thigh, back, upper arm and abdomen. The injury always causes the same symptoms, no matter which muscle group is affected: it feels as if an icy wind blew through the muscle, which suddenly becomes hard, and there is a sharp pain upon pressure in the injured area. In such cases, exercise must be stopped right away because further straining increases the risk of muscle tear, an even more severe injury.
When should I see a doctor?

You should definitely see a doctor if the pain doesn’t ease in a short time, the muscle becomes weaker, or muscle function and therefore movements become limited! You should tell the doctor about the exact circumstances of the injury or accident. An ultrasound scan may be necessary to confirm whether you really have a muscle strain or there is a muscle tear or inner bleeding and it also shows the exact location and extent of the injury.