X-ray diagnostics

Röntgen, digitális röntgen, Emineo Egészségügyi és Baleseti központAs our clinic is specialized to musculoskeletal problems, x-ray is one of our most important diagnostic equipment to help doctors assessing injuries and deformities that are invisible for the naked eye.

X-ray scan is suitable for the analysis of bone and joint disorders and for diagnosing various fractures and dislocations. Digital technology allows examination of soft tissues too. Our equipment is suitable for the measurement of the axis of the extremities, thus we can exactly determine also the deviation of the axis of the lower limbs. We can diagnose ligament injuries by the means of X-ray images taken of joints under stress. At our clinic we usually take plain X-ray images of the skull, the spine in whole length, joints and long tubular bones.

State-of-the-art digital x-ray diagnostics are performed in our clinic.

Our patients receive the images on CD discs, which can be analysed later on any computer.

Prior to taking X-rays, we inform our lady patients in detail about the fact that taking an X-ray image may be harmful to the foetus, in case they are pregnant.

X-rays are only taken in our clinic in justified cases if the specialist considers this imaging method as absolutely necessary. If your physician doesn’t own an x-ray device, they may request to have the scan done at our clinic. Such external requests for examination have to be put in writing in all cases. This written request which is called a ‘referral’ in the common language contains all relevant information for the radiologist and radiology assistant about the reason of request, the type and direction of the scan. We can’t perform an x-ray without a referral from a specialist doctor or a previous examination by one of our specialists! The main reason of this is that although x-ray is not harmful, excessive amount and frequency of scans may be stressful for living tissues and thus the whole body. All x-ray images are registered and appropriately documented. All x-ray images and referrals are archived in our clinic in accordance with the strictest Hungarian regulations.

Specilists, radiology assistants:

Dr. Nyitrai Márta

Prices Per body region:

  • 08:00 – 20:00: 14.000 HUF
  • 20:00 – 08:00: 18.000 HUF