Weight clinic

Testsúly ambulancia

Following a special body weigh calculation, muscle and body fat measurement in our clinic, a weight loss program is planned in order to remove only free water and fat from the body. Special nutrient replacement is also part of the individual weight loss program: following laboratory tests we accurately replace any protein that was lost during the diet.


Since our weight loss program doesn’t consist of just a general diet and calorie intake stop, our patients don’t experience yo-yo effect which is otherwise very common. Naturally, it is true for our weight loss program too that it will only be effective if the patient has the necessary willpower and determination to lose extra weight. Still, this body weight analysing program which was patented in Austria when analysed by an expert in diabetology will certainly bring success for those participating in the weight loss program.


Specialists, assistants:


Dr. Sipos György

Consultation hours: Monday: from 16:00 to 19:00.

  • Obesity clinic: 25.000 HUF