Heart ultrasound


Heart ultrasound gives an answer to almost all questions that are important in assessing the heart both structurally and functionally, except for directly imaging coronary vessels.

The quality of the heart ultrasound device and the training and skills of the doctor performing the scan are also very important factors in terms of examination. It shows the size of the heart chambers, the activity of the ventricles and the heart in total, wall thickness can be measured, cardiac muscle diseases, cardiomyopathies can be detected; valve disorders become visible and can be staged according to severity. Nowadays, the indication for heart valve surgeries is determined by heart ultrasound scan. It can be repeated unlimitedly as it is harmless for both the patient and doctor and it lasts 20 minutes on average.

Specialists, assistants:

Dr. Szűcs Andrea

Price list:

  • Heart ultrasound: 25.000 HUF