Physiotherapy treatments

At the discretion of the doctor, also many types of physiotherapy treatments are available at our Healthcare and Trauma Centre.

1. Cold ultrasound physiotherapy

We use one of the most modern ultrasound therapy devices, which are suitable for ultrasound delivery in continuous and two different pulse modes up to 2 W/cm2 intensity and can be used also for cryotherapy. Traditional ultrasound therapy cannot be applied for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, because this treatment increases the temperature of the inflamed tissues and impedes healing. Cryotherapy accelerates the healing process.

Intended use:

  • Joint disorders: Injuries, chronic inflammations of the joints, joint wear.
  • Muscle disorders: Muscle sprains, inflammations of the connective tissue
  • Tendon disorders: Tendonitis, tendovaginitis (inflammation of the tendons and the tendon sheath)
  • Nerve injuries: Radiculitis, neuritis, nerve pain, phantom pain of the limbs, shingles
  • Skin disorders: Treatment of keloids and scleroderma
  • Transdermal application of medicaments 

2. Nervostim physiotherapy treatment

We use a stimulating device emitting galvanic and diadynamic currents and selective stimulating direct current mostly approved in the medical practice.

Intended use:

  • pain relief, transdermal application of medicaments, improvement of blood circulation and acceleration of bone healing in case of fractures.
  • diadynamic currents (modulated low frequency currents) are beneficial in the treatment of numerous diseases and provide good and quick rehabilitation when combined with physiotherapy. Indications: mainly neuralgic diseases (e.g. ischialgia, lumbago, radiculitis), posttraumatic and inflammatory conditions, varicosity, migraine, muscle spasms and muscle weakness. We can combine the galvanic current with a selected type of alternating current, thus we can achieve considerable pain relief.
  • selective stimulating direct currents: these are usually used for moving and after-treatment of muscles, mainly after injuries to the muscles and nerves. We can move the selected muscles and groups of muscles with current characteristics adjustable in a wide range.

Indications: this type of physiotherapy is suitable for stimulation of degenerated and atrophic muscles, rehabilitation of muscles after surgeries and for the treatment of palsies.

3. Interstim physiotherapy treatment

Interfering currents are adjustable in a wide range on the Interstim device allowing of treatment of numerous diseases; efficacy can be increased by the use of “dynamic vector” mode in which interfering currents are distributed on a larger area.

Intended use:

  • pain relief (in case of rheumatism and neuritis of the peripheral nerves)
  • treatment of migraine
  • increasing blood supply of the deep tissues
  • deep muscle gymnastics
  • cosmetic reduction of fatty tissues  

Specialists, assistants:

 Tompa KatalinPetykó Judit

Physiotherapy price list:

  • Physiotherapy: 8.000 HUF/session
  • Physiotherapy in case of purchasing a pass: 7.000 HUF/session