After making an appointment, electromyography (EMG) examinations are also available at our clinic. The intended use of EMG is the investigation of the function of motoneurons, sensory and motoric nerves, neuromuscular junctions and the muscles, although EMG may provide also considerably more information in some cases. Usually, we apply electrodes onto the skin surface for an EMG investigation, which is a pain-free intervention. Investigation with needle electrodes may be required in some special cases, which may be slightly unpleasant for the patients. The examination is performed by the means of a special device, with a so called electromyograph, which is a modern, computer-assisted equipment using numerous software not available in many other laboratories.

EMG is one of the most important diagnostic tools for the investigation of diseases of peripheral nerves, muscles and for the examination of palsies of most heterogenous origin. It is an exclusive diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of so-called tunnel syndromes, but it is also indispensable for the diagnosis of peripheral nerve damages of most heterogenous origin (such as metabolic diseases, diabetes and nerve diseases caused by alcohol or any other toxic agents) and also for muscle disorders and pathological causes of tiredness. Their medical results and also an expert opinion are handed out to our patients, which include a written report in addition to diagrams and numeric data retrieved from EMG investigation. This allows of clinical comparison of previous results with the recent ones, thus changing of condition can be verified in an unbiased manner.


Specialists, assistants:


Dr. Sólyom András

Consultation hours:
Monday: from 15:30 to 19:30.
Wednesday: from 08:20 to 12:20.

Price list:

  • Neurology EMG / ENG: 30.000 HUF