Complex orthopaedic screening

Emineo Mozgásszervi szűrővizsgálat

Komplex ortopédiai szűrővizsgálat

Podiatric surgeon and orthopaedic- trauma surgeon Dr. Börzsei-Knoll Veronika is the professional leader of EMINEO Centre where we offer complex musculoskeletal screening for those who feel pain upon every movements and those who want to prevent deformities and pain in the future.

The musculoskeletal screening is recommended for parents too, since in case of children it is especially important to pay attention to their correct posture, ankle tilt, feet, spine, and hips. A special set of examinations were selected for the youngest ones. Future parents are also welcome at our screening, as intense calcium extraction during pregnancy makes women’s bones weaker and excess weight during pregnancy may also lead to musculoskeletal deformities such as fallen arch or back pain.

Sportspeople and those who conduct an active lifestyle also need to be aware of the condition of their hands, feet, back and spine and we shouldn’t forget about the elderly population either! Pain in the limbs, lower back or spine is not necessarily a concomitant of aging.

A very important target group is the people whose work involves a lot of standing, heavy lifting or walking. They are especially prone to harm their limbs by wearing not appropriate shoes or bad posture. Screening is equally important to those who do monotonic work in seated position all the time.

In short: all age groups are recommended to attend screening.

As a private clinic specialized to treat mainly musculoskeletal problems, EMINEO has significant professional experience. It has appropriate and effective methods both in diagnostics and therapy in order to give back the joy of moving. Experts recommend annual screening but it should be mandatory for everyone at least once in every two years.

Details of musculoskeletal screening:

Duration of complex musculoskeletal screening is 20- 30 minutes.

Complex orthopaedic examination:

In the first part of examination the specialist assesses the patient’s everyday movement patterns, previous injuries and pain if there is any. Based on this information the affected body parts are examined particularly meticulously but we also examine the upper limb (hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder), the lower limb (foot, ankle, knee, hip, joints, muscles, ligaments and cartilage), the spine, the back and the patient’s posture independently of the patient’s medical history. talpnyomás mérés

Computer-based plantar pressure analysis:

It helps to detect static foot disorders, to prevent the development of symptoms and deformities due to these disorders and to detect deformities that may cause pain. The painless scan gives us a heat-map like image of the sole, the pressure points and overloaded points as the patient actually walks on these areas. Following this analysis it can be safely decided whether the foot’s deviation from average is an individual characteristic or a deformity that needs treatment.

X-ray if needed:

When our specialist suspects a serious deformity that needs x-ray imaging in order to establish its extension and the degree of deformity, then the image is taken in the clinic using our own digital x-ray and the specialist analyses it right away.


Screening times:

After making an appointment!

You can make an appointment on weekdays between 08:00 a.m. and 08:00 p.m

Phone: 06 1 77 33 333