Joint replacement surgeries

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Orthopaedics deals with deformities and function loss in various sites of the human body; it searches the causes of morphological changes and takes a leading role in restoration and healing of these diseases.

Some musculoskeletal diseases (e.g. cartilage abrasion, cartilage disorder, knee joint injuries) may get so severe that joint replacement or reconstructive surgery is necessary in order to regain the original motility.

It often happens to sportspeople that following intense physical activity they feel pain in a limb that doesn’t subside. In this case their joints got probably seriously injured and it needs an experienced specialist of orthopaedics to help.

Spine pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain are very common symptoms which our specialists often see at our private orthopaedic clinic. Following thorough examinations they establish the cause of the symptoms and the extent of the lesions. Depending on the patient’s condition, they recommend therapy and sometimes surgical intervention too.

In case of what kind of pain should I see a specialist of orthopaedics?

In case of spine pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, and knee pain – ergo any painful disease affecting the musculoskeletal system. Parents are recommended to have their babies screened, and preventive screening examinations are recommended for children and adolescents.

Specialists, assistants:

Knoll Zsolt MD Ph.D, Fekete András MD Ph.D., Ganczer Péter MD, Janositz Gábor MDBűcs Gábor MD


Price list:

  • Consultation: 14.000 – 22.000 HUF