Hand surgery

Hand surgery deals with restoration of lost functions due to injuries affecting the hand and treatment of developmental malformations.

In which cases should I see a hand surgeon?kezsebeszet

  • pain, swelling, and restricted motility following injuries of the hand or fingers
  • late consequences of injuries such as numbness, swelling, or pain
  • tendovaginitis may occur in various localizations and severity
  • tunnel syndromes: nerves that run through narrow channels get compressed and it may lead to numbness of fingers, hand clumsiness, decreased grip and pinch strength and muscle atrophy in later stages
  • ganglion: tight, non-tender soft tissue lump on the wrist or less often at the root of fingers
  • sports injuries of the wrist and hand typically occur following extreme training load in body builders, tennis players and those who do martial arts. Inflammation, oedema and micro-injuries may develop at tendon insertions, muscle-tendon transition zones or where the tendons are surrounded by tendon sheath.

Our specialists offer professional care at our clinic in case of strains, inflammations or any other injuries.

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