Forensic expert


Forensic medical experts are asked in some penal procedures and civil proceedings to give a statement in medical questions. In order to make a judgement in a certain case, the medical expert needs to investigate the case in details. This can be done on appointment by the authority or on request of either party. The investigation is based on an inspection in most cases. In each extraordinary death cases the body undergoes an autopsy in a forensic medical institute. In this case autopsy makes the inspection and the forensic medical expert participates in it.

The medical expert may help to prove or exclude crime or other violent acts and the circumstances of death or other responsibilities concerning the case may be clarified. When a live person is examined it is most usually to assess injuries, diseases (e.g. imputability), general health condition, work and earning capacity, and alcohol intoxication. The forensic medical expert makes a record of the findings during inspection.

Physical examination records are issued in a medical findings report or a certificate; the former contains injuries, while the latter is usually a proof of general health condition or medical treatment data.

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