Exercise therapy

Exercise therapy is the most effective method in the long run in case of lower back pain, spine problems, backache, flat foot, neck pain, osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal symptoms on the one hand.


On the other hand, exercise therapy rehabilitation makes an important part of recovery after an accident or surgery too.


Exercise therapy is based on restoration of joint function, re-establishing pre-injury physiological range of motion (ROM) or at least the best possible ROM allowed by the conditions and possibilities, joint stabilization, and strengthening the surrounding muscles. The aim is to regain motility as fully as possible in an extent to be able to return to sports or top-level sports even.


Physiotherapists can treat those disorders that can be improved by physiotherapy on their own (following the instructions of the doctor who has diagnosed or treats the patient) using generally accepted procedures.


Individual exercise therapy has the unambiguous advantage that the physiotherapist doesn’t need to share their attention among patients. In case of individual exercise therapy, the treatment period and intensity varies depending on the patient’s timely condition.


Our physiotherapists work with only one patient at a time. The average duration of exercise therapy sessions is 60 minutes and takes place at our gym which is equipped by state-of-the-art medical aids.


Specialists, assistants:

Pethő Barbara, Fucsik Erzsébet, Tóth Adrienn,

Price list:

  • Exercise therapy: 12.000 HUF/session (55 minute)
  • Exercise therapy in case of purchasing a pass: 50.000 HUF/pass
  • Exercise therapy Saturday: 18.000 HUF/session (55 minute), exercise therapy in case of purchasing a pass: 15.000 HUF/session