ECG /Cardiac stress test


The procedure to image the heart’s electronic function (ECG) is over 100 years old now. It has long been the most frequently performed procedure to examine the heart besides physical examinations (percussion, auscultation), it can be repeated unlimitedly, and it is cheap. Not only various arrhythmias but most structural heart diseases also cause an ECG alteration since diseases of the cardiac muscle, heart valves and coronary arteries affect the heart’s electric function too and that can be recorded by ECG.

In many cases, ECG gives a solid diagnosis in itself, however in other cases further tests are necessary to find out what the problem is. ECG is a widely used screening method and it is a part of cardiology screening, sports medical examination, and aptitude tests. It can be performed within a few minutes and it is painless.

Cardiac stress test in practice is performed on a treadmill or bicycle ergometer with steadily increasing physical load. This test is performed if narrowing of the coronary arteries is suspected. In such cases coronary arteries are not able to satisfy cardiac muscle’s increased oxygen demand and it leads to oxygen deficiency. It alters the heart’s electric function that can be detected by ECG. The test takes approximately 20 minutes. Complications are quite rare but since they might occur the test is performed in the presence of a physician and with appropriate technical background.

Specialists, assistants:

Dr. Szűcs Andrea

Price list:

  • ECG test: 8.000 HUF
  • Cardiac stress test: 30.000 HUF