Cruciate ligament replacement

Emineo - Keresztszalag műtét, Dr. Knoll Zsolt

Strong forces and twisting motions during sports (football, skiing, basketball and handball) may tear the stabilizing ligaments of the knee joint. The most frequent injury is that of the anterior cruciate ligament connecting the thigh bone to the shin. Knoll Zsolt MD PhD (orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, sports medicine and sport surgery specialist) treats injuries of the knee, shoulder and ankle joints at Emineo Healthcare and Trauma Centre.

There are several methods for replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament; the most modern of them is the double-bundle technique. This method considers the anterior cruciate ligament as two bundles instead of one. Basically two drill holes are made in both the femur and the tibia, and the knee stabilizing ligaments are pulled through these holes.

Knoll Zsolt MD PhD was one of the pioneers in Hungary, who replaced the anterior cruciate ligament with double-bundle technique. He has successfully performed several hundred surgeries since then.

„This modern anatomical reconstruction extremely accelerates rehabilitation, thus my patients are able to drive a car as soon as 3 weeks after surgery. This intervention requires a sick leave only for approximately 2 weeks. The most important advantage of the method is that our patients need to spend only 1 DAY in hospital!”

Video clinic interview with Knoll Zsolt MD PhD about cruciate ligament replacement and the surgical method.

Segment from the live video clinic on 8th April 2010.

Surgery of the cruciate ligament

Knoll Zsolt MD PhD – ACL double-bundle

Attention! In the video clip below you can see this technique applied in a real cruciate ligament surgery!