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Cardiac screening at Emineo Healthcare and Trauma Centre

Emineo kardiológiai szűrővizsgálat

Cardiovascular diseases affect a large percentage of the population. They are primarily caused by inappropriate diet, sedentary and unhealthy life style, and diseases which are not diagnosed or not treated in time. Heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and coronary heart disease can be prevented and avoided by regular screening and adequate treatment. It is therefore rewarding to have a check-up every year or every two years in order to prevent any serious problems.

Emineo kardiológiai szűrővizsgálatConsultant cardiologist Dr. Szűcs Andrea leads the complex cardiac screening in our clinic. It aims to detect any cardiovascular diseases in such an early stage when no signs and symptoms are present and by treating them we may be able to prevent the occurrence of symptoms or even the development of the disease.

Our screening program includes taking the patient’s medical history, mapping the disease in the family, physical examination focusing on the cardiovascular system, blood pressure measurement, 12 lead ECG at rest, and a blood test. In our clinic, we use a new and state-of-the-art device to analyse blood taken from the fingertip and thus it needs only one drop of blood and just one minute to get the result of the blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride level test. This method is just as accurate as tests performed in a laboratory, and it is considered a professionally acknowledged procedure.

After the screening, further diagnostic test can be also performed in our clinic if necessary, even right away. Heart ultrasound, cardiac stress test, 24 hour Holter ECG or 24 hour ABPM (blood pressure measurement) are all helping a lot to further investigate the early signs detected by the specialist. These optional further tests are not included in the price of the screening.

Everyone is welcome who has any cardiovascular diseases, lead an over-stressful life style, have a medical condition or do competitive sports. Screening is also recommended for those who have a family member with coronary heart disease, increased cholesterol level or high blood pressure since they have a greater risk for these diseases. Cardiac screening is especially recommended for diabetic and smoking patients as they have a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases.


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