For the safety of our patients and staff, we have installed a thermometer and disinfection gate at the entrance to Emineo Private Hospital, which provides protection against Covid and other viral infections in 5 seconds and checks body temperature.

Many patients are concerned about the pandemic situation and they tend to postpone their medical examinations for fear of a possible viral infection. Thanks to our new equipment, the chances of infection at the Emineo Private Hospital have been minimized: the gate detects individuals with fever when they enter and disinfects those who pass through in just 5 seconds. As the operation of the device does not require human intervention, we also reduce the workload of our employees, and the risk of infection is significantly reduced thanks to the device.

How it works?

Upon entering Emineo Private Hospital, you need to stop at the security gate and, after disinfecting your hands, you are asked to look in the camera which is placed on the gate.

The contactless machine monitors your body temperature and whether you wear the mask correctly – it is not necessary to remove the mask for taking your temperature. If your temperature deviates from the normal range, that is, higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, the device warns you with a light and sound signal.

At the same time, while you look at the camera, the device also checks whether you wear the mask correctly. If the mask is missing or worn incorrectly, the device will also give an alert.

Then you pass through the gate that sprays a nebulized (nanoparticulate) disinfectant to kill viruses and other pathogens.

The disinfectant is safe and does not harm living things or objects. The process, which lasts only 5 seconds, does not leave stains on your clothes, or ruin your hairstyle.

Test results show that 99.9 percent of the viruses and bacteria on patients’ clothing are killed by this method.

As the next step, as you leave the gate and use a special, disinfectant doormat, you will get to a quick check-in kiosk or the hospital reception where you can check in.

We await our patients with love, empathy, in a safe environment – so that important medical examinations and treatments are not missed due to the pandemic.

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