Private health insurance

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your own or your family’s health care, and you want your health insurance to cover laboratory, diagnostic and specialist medical examinations, and possibly surgical care, take advantage of the possibilities offered by private health insurance! In our private hospital, you can ask our expert for a consultation on your options in the private health insurance market. You can get personalized, comprehensive insurance even for your next care at Emineo Private Hospital.

The main considerations in favor of private health insurance are:

  • get an appointment quickly, no waiting lists,
  • no parasolvency,
  • the services included in the insurance are reimbursed directly by the insurer in accordance with the terms of the package you have chosen,
  • choose from cultured service locations and professional service providers,
  • the service can even cover the whole family,
  • today, more than 400,000 fellow Hungarians have such insurance.

These are all conditions that we have a solution to cheaper and faster than you think.

Our health insurance specialist, Beáta Kiss is waiting for those interested. For information, please contact our colleagues on the Emineo central telephone number!

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