Hip surgery – Outpatient clinic

What does hip surgery deal with?

It deals with pains, diseases, and lesions of the hip that can result from congenital and acquired disorders.


What diseases or complaints are covered?

In terms of symptoms, it can be associated with sudden pain or the pain may develop slowly or gradually, which can interfere with rest or everyday activities such as getting dressed, eating or driving. Problems around the hips can be accidental, congenital, or degenerative. They can also be caused by complications of certain internal diseases (e.g., gout, psoriasis), rheumatological diseases (SPA-Bechterew ‘s disease, RA-Rheumatoid Arthritis) or femoral head necrosis.

Sterile hip inflammation, hip joint wear

Description of the disease: In the case of sterile hip arthritis, the cause of the above-mentioned causes is the accumulation of synovial fluid which strain the joint capsule. One of the most common reasons for this is wear and tear on the hip joint.

Symptoms: In the initial state of inflammation, pain on exertion appears in the groin. Without treatment, painful periods become increasingly frequent and intense, even at rest. In case of persistent pain, the range of motion of the joint narrows and the muscles also begin to wilt.

Treatment: In less severe cases, we recommend conservative treatment where individualized physiotherapy or drug therapy (anti-inflammatory drugs) can also help. If the symptoms do not decrease, intraarticular hyaluronic acid which increases cartilage formation and PRP (own blood treatment) which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, may be considered. With conservative treatment, we can reduce complaints for a longer period of time and thus prolong surgery. If hip joint wear and the resulting inflammation gets worse, our hip surgeon recommends surgery. You can find more information about the surgery here.

What happens in a personal consultation?

Our hip surgeon asks the patient about the complaints, learns about the medical history and, in addition to physical examination, may request an X-ray for diagnosis and then to to determine therapy.

Possible therapies

Depending on the illness or complaint, the doctor will recommend a conservative or surgical solution.

Introduction of video consultation

Even in the epidemiological situation related to the coronavirus, we endeavor to resolve the complaints of our patients and reduce their pain. To this end, we have launched our video consultation service, in which our specialists are at our patients’ service on-line.


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