Ear nose and throat (ENT)

What does otorhinolaryngology deal with?

An otorhinolaryngologist deals with the diseases and possible changes of the ear, nose, sinuses, mouth, pharynx, larynx, salivatory glands and the cervical region. This specialty is much more complex than just visiting a doctor if your throat or ear hurts.

What diseases or complaints are covered?

  • Cough, difficulty swallowing
  • Vocal cord problems
  • Problems with phonation or speech, hoarseness
  • Inflammation of the nose, throat or larynx
  • Allergies, sneezing
  • Nasal congestion, nasal discharge, nosebleed
  • Inflammation and other complaints of the throat and tonsils
  • Snoring
  • Swelling on the neck
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ear, hearing loss
  • Dizziness
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What happens in a personal consultation?

After reviewing medical history (which is done by questioning the patient), the otorhinolaryngologist of Emineo Private Hospital will check the condition of the ears, nose, and larynx, regardless of whether the complaints affect all of these areas. An examination of the external auditory canal of the ears, the eardrums, is followed by a hearing test, followed by an inspection of the sinuses in the nose for any inflammation. The examination of the pharynx may be followed by the examination of the oral cavity, tonsils and cervical lymph nodes if the patient’s symptoms warrant it.

Possible treatments

Depending on the outcome of the examination, our specialist may recommend appropriate treatment. In case of auditory canal inflammation, we apply local treatment, even daily If the ear is clogged, the accumulated earwax is washed off. In case of sinusitis, the most important thing is to release the blocked nasal passages and anti-inflammatory therapy should also be started, which may include the administration of saline, nasal drops, and medication. Even a minor surgery may be required, but only in a negligible percentage of cases. In the event of persistent hoarseness lasting for at least three weeks, it is necessary to check whether ot is caused by improper use of voice, chronic inflammation, or even a vocal cord polyp. The latter can be cured with surgery. It is worth investigating, as the symptoms may even be caused by a pre-cancerous condition or a malignant laryngeal tumor.

In otorhinolaryngology, there can be a wide range of complaints, therefore treatment that can be used to reduce or eliminate the symptoms depends on the disease/symptom and the affected area.

Introduction of video consultation

Even in the epidemiological situation related to the coronavirus, we endeavor to resolve the complaints of our patients and reduce their pain. To this end, we have launched our video consultation service, in which our specialists are at our patients’ service on-line.


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