The leading causes of death in Hungary include diseases associated with heart and circulatory disorders, all of which can be explained by a lot of stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and obesity that accompanies it. Our cardiology clinic awaits patients who have cardiovascular diseases, are exposed to increased stress, have internal medicine or are actively exercising. Cardiac screening is also indicated for those with a family history of coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. Diabetics as well as smokers are especially advised to undergo cardiac screening as they are more likely to have cardiovascular problems.

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What happens in a personal consultation?

During the personal conversation, our cardiologist will learn about the patient’s possible symptoms, complaints associated with cardiac and circulatory disorders in the family, previous illnesses, and then may perform several tests to establish a complete medical diagnosis. These are the most important instrumental tests:


ECG measures the electrical activity of the heart. It is one of the most common tests is to identify a number of heart-related problems. Our cardiologist at Emineo Private Hospital uses ECG primarily to examine arrhythmias, heartbeats, ventricles, and heart muscles. In some cases, ECG is supplemented with exercise, this is called cardiac stress test because there are heart diseases that can only be detected in this way.

Holter monitoring

Holter monitoring involves 24 hours of ECG monitoring while the device continuously records measurement data. This type of diagnostic method is usually used to examine irregular heart function and chest pain, but it can also be used to measure the effectiveness of medication.


One of the most effective imaging diagnostic methods for examining the heart valves and pericardium is cardiac ultrasound.  It can be used to determine the size of the heart chambers, the thickness of the ventricular wall, and the movement of the walls and valves that direct blood flow with millimeter range accuracy. It shows if there is calcification on any of the valves, but it also shows if the valve has thickened due to the inflammation of the pericardium.

Introduction of video consultation

Even in the epidemiological situation related to the coronavirus, we endeavor to resolve the complaints of our patients and reduce their pain. To this end, we have launched our video consultation service, in which our specialists are at our patients’ service on-line.


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