Why is physiotherapy important?

Physiotherapy is an unfairly underrated area in the eyes of many. According to modern orthopedics and trauma surgery, however, it is one of the most important elements of healing. Movement initiates many healing processes in the body. For 98% of the patients who visit our specialist clinics, conservative treatment is recommended and one of the most important tools of these is physiotherapy. In addition to being the most effective conservative treatment for lower back pain, spinal disorders, back pain, flat feet, neck pain, osteoporosis, and other musculoskeletal complaints, physiotherapy is an essential part of rehabilitation following accidents and surgeries.

Why and how does physiotherapy work?

The aim of physiotherapy is to regain mobility as completely as possible, even to the previous level of athletes or elite athletes. It is based on the restoration of joint functions as a result of special series of movements, the achievement of the best movement limits allowed by previous physiological condition, the circumstances and possibilities, the stabilization of the joint, and the strengthening of the surrounding muscles with special exercises and aids. Under the supervision of a physiotherapist, the muscles and joints regain their original characteristics gradually, with increasing load.

Physiotherapists are able to independently treat the part of the lesion that can be affected by physiotherapy (in accordance with the instructions of the doctor making the diagnosis or treating the patient).

How is physiotherapy done?

Our physiotherapists undergo special training in surgeries and interventions performed at Emineo. As proper physiotherapy significantly shortens the healing process, we recommend our patients to attend the necessary physiotherapy with us for their own sake if possible.

We usually recommend individual physiotherapy, but more recently we can provide simultaneous physiotherapy for 2 people. The obvious advantage of individual physiotherapy treatment is that the physiotherapist’s attention is not shared among the patients. The two-person physical therapy is only recommended in cases when the patients are experienced or have similar needs, an therefore the physiotherapist can maintain the same quality of service. During physiotherapy, the duration and intensity of treatment may vary depending on the patient’s current condition.

The average duration of physiotherapy sessions is 55 minutes, and the sessions are held in our gym equipped with modern equipment. We ask our patients to bring comfortable sports wear suitable for the exercises. Of course we provide changing and shower facilities before and after the session.

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