Physiotherapy treatments

Electro or ultrasound based therapy

Why and how does physical therapy work?

The injured or diseased body parts of our patients are treated in a supine or prone position with various machines. The multifaceted healing effect of ultrasound and electric current has long been proven, and we often use drugs to enhance it. At the Rehabilitation Department of Emineo Private Hospital, we provide several types of physical therapies on medical advice.

What treatments are available with us?

Cold ultrasound therapy

The treatment is performed with a high-quality ultrasound therapy device, which can be used in continuous and two different pulsed ultrasound modes up to an intensity value of 2 W/cm2, as well as for cryotherapy (cooling treatment). It is usually worth having several ultrasound treatments in a row to achieve a good result. In order to speed up the healing process, our specialist often prescribes this treatment for the effective application of drugs, as the drug delivered to the patient’s body part with the help of ultrasound reaches the targeted tissues quickly and with minimal loss.

Areas of application:

  • joint disorders: injury, chronic arthritis, joint wear
  • muscle ailments: muscle sprain, connective tissue inflammation
  • tendon complaints: tendon inflammation, tenosynovitis
  • nerve injuries: nerve root inflammation, nerve inflammation, nerve pain, phantom limb pain, shingles pain
  • skin complaints: keloid treatment, scleroderma treatment

Nervostim treatment

During Nervostim treatment, we use a stimulation therapy device that provides galvanic current, diadynamic currents, and selective DC stimulating currents that are the most proven kinds of current in medical practice.

Areas of application:

  • In general: pain relief, medication intake, improvement of blood circulation, acceleration of ossification in case of fracture
  • Diadynamic currents (modulated low-frequency currents) can be used to treat mainly neuralgic diseases (e.g., sciatica, lumbago, radiculitis), post-traumatic and inflammatory conditions, nodular varicose veins, migraines, muscle cramps and muscle weakness.
  • Selective stimulating currents can be used for muscle movement and post-treatment of muscles, mainly after injuries to muscles and nerves. Due to the characteristics that can be set within a wide range, it is possible to move the muscles and muscle groups that are actually have to be treated, and thus they can be quickly strengthened, so this therapy is excellent for the stimulation of degenerated and atrophied muscles, postoperative muscle rehabilitation and paralysis treatment.

Interstim therapy

In the case of the Interstim device, the wide variability of the interference currents enables the efficient treatment of many indications, and its effect can be enhanced by using the so-called dynamic vector mode, because then the interference current is distributed over a larger area.

Areas of application:

  • analgesia (for rheumatic diseases and peripheral nerve inflammation)
  • migraine treatment
  • increase deep blood supply
  • deep muscle gymnastics
  • cosmetological reduction of fat tissue
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