Dr. Zsolt Knoll Ph.D.

Managing and Medical Director


From a medical point of view, I could identify myself as an orthopedic-traumatologist, sports surgeon, and knee specialist. I lived the first significant part of my life in the Hungarian state hospital system, and within that, in the famous surgical environment of the Sports Hospital, and gained a lot of experience. In 2009, I suppose I was one of the firsts to decide to switch completely to the private care space. At this time, in any case, but perhaps even today, it is unusual for someone to leave the public system that warrants a secure livelihood to invest in risky private care. Making the decision together with my wife, we invested all of our mobilizable assets in starting our specialist clinic.

Thanks to this, we opened our first private practice in 2019, which started to expand slowly, and by 2016, it was already operating in 4 different locations. Initially, my wife and I both ran the institution, performing all tasks together. Slowly, due to the amount of work, an internal division of labor developed, thanks to which I started to deal primarily with medical issues. After the opening of our Private Hospital in Hegyalja út in 2018, the dimensions and processes became even more complex, so based on the division of tasks started earlier, I manage the institution as a Medical Director and am constantly looking for opportunities for professional development.

Within the framework of the latter, I also conducted several EU medical and research and development projects, the results of which we continuously apply in our daily operations. I believe that it is difficult for a good medical director to be an outsider in his/her own institution, so as a surgeon practicing the results of my actions, I constantly test and check both in the office and in the operating room from the other side.

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