Dr. István Bors

Doctor-Deputy Director


I came to Emineo Private Hospital as a spine surgeon, I still represent this to the best of my knowledge and keep it up to date. I saw the hospital’s leadership position as a serious “other” professional challenge, backed by my experience in the management of a 15-year healthcare consulting firm, as well as my training as a project manager and senior manager, having experience as GCP research leadership, and being a certified professional mediator. In addition, the long years spent at the Buda Health Center provided a broad insight into the operation, benefits and problems of both OEP-funded and private care and its hybrid forms.

As a leader in what I would call 21st century spatial vision rather than philosophy, in addition to the new wave of being a leader instead of a boss, my creed includes matrix-based problem solving and communication, the concept of proactivity, and the improvement of procreativity.

“Because changing and uncertain things bring people forward and ultimately concerns everyone. – Navigare necesse est… – ”

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