Introducing the operation theater block

Introducing the operation theater block is always a big challenge, as we would like to eagerly and exhaustively list all the technical and medical details that we are very proud of. Here are the key points:

The approximately 200 sqm operating block includes 2 large operating rooms and several additional departments. We would like to point out that these operating rooms meet not only the criteria of the widespread one-day surgery, but also the much stricter, the highest possible criteria, which are inspected annually by an external laboratory.

Why is this interesting? We are one of the few private providers who provide the highest level of sterility with special, very expensive mechanical technologies.

Műtő az Emineo kórházban

During the surgeries, we also use the most modern devices and machines, which are sterilized on site with 4 sterilizing machines for maximum flexibility. We have a complete set of tools for orthopedic, abdominal, urological and plastic surgeries. Physicians can continuously see the patient’s previously taken X-rays and MRI scans of the patient during the procedures, and they can document the pre- and postoperative condition with an image and film in a format compliant with the international DICOM standard (Dicom camera, C-arm x-ray, Arthroscopic tower). With this, we can maximize the quality of operations by providing all the necessary information to the surgeons.

műtéti blokk az Emineo kmagánkórházban

Another pivotal point of surgeries is general anesthesia or local anesthesia. With us, anesthesia is provided by the anesthetic machines of the German market leader Draeger and our experienced anesthesiologists and assistants. Also, we can generally say that our operating rooms are equipped with Draeger equipment, due to their high reliability and high quality.

And finally, something that maybe seems little but interesting: Due to its downtown location, our designers also made a unique effort to install a vibration-damped floor in the operating rooms separated from the building to guarantee the accuracy of fine surgeries.

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