Inpatient care at Emineo Private Hospital

Our institute offers Western European private care standards in Budapest. In our 10-room matrix ward, we provide maximum comfort to patients on 18 beds. All of our rooms and bathrooms, designed in a minimal design, feature high-quality, luxurious equipment that meets the highest standards, and we have taken into account the possible reduced mobility of our patients. The luxury feeling of each of our rooms is further enhanced by the private terrace belonging to almost all of them.

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We ensure smooth recovery for our patients with our selected, experienced nurses, continuous medical presence (even at night) and up-to-date patient monitoring systems.

Our patients are provided with normal or different dietary meals prepared by a tried and tested, qualified supplier. We also offer locally baked fresh baked goods and coffee at any time.

It is important for us that our patients feel as comfortable as possible, so we also offer everyone an iPad to have unlimited Internet access, watch TV, manage their correspondence or even work.

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The security of our guests is the protected by our card access system, cameras monitoring the entrances and corridors and a radio patient call system.

Last but not least, we pay maximum attention to maintain a clean and antiseptic environment, and as a result, no hospital infection has occurred in our hospital so far, of which we are very proud.

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