Latest knee replacement systems available in Hungary!

Selling perhaps the most knee replacement systems globally, Johnson & Johnson has chosen Emineo Private Hospital as its strategic partner to launch one of the world’s most advanced knee replacement programs in Eastern Europe. The two companies have entered into a strategic agreement to jointly implement Attune Knee System Trumatch Personalized solution, which is not yet available in this region. As part of this, the first medical conference was held at Emineo Private Hospital on 4 September 2020 with the participation of the surgeons and operating room staff involved.

Why this system is better than the others?

  • Instead of pre-manufactured standard devices, we provide a solution for the patient’s knee that takes into account the individual characteristics of the patient (e.g., “bowleg” or “knock knee”). The complete replacement system is made individually for each patient during the following process:
    • A very high-resolution CT scan of the entire lower limb is being made in Hungary and sent to Johnson & Johnson’s American design lab.
    • There the designers create a 3Ds plan for the replacement implant template, which we review and approve.
    • Thereafter, according to the plan, the implant template is manufactured in the United States in perfect quality. The consequence of this personalization is that these high-quality solutions provide up to twice the average life of regular replacement systems.
  • Why is it important? In case of joint replacements, one of the most important questions is how accurately the surgeon can implant the replacement. This premium solution also provides the surgeon with unique tools to ensure the most accurate implantation – it is safe to say that it essentially guides the surgeon’s hand. This is particularly important as it makes it possible to minimize the risk of the human factor.
  • Size range of replacements. An average of 6 replacement sizes are available during conventional knee replacements. The solution we recommend provides 13 sizes so it can best fit the size and shape of the patient’s bone. This can be imagined as if a shoe store had not only integer sizes but also half and quarter sizes.
  • As a result:
    • Johnson & Johnson’s Attune knee system provides perfect bone coverage, and its implantation is associated with less soft tissue and bone loss.
    • The duration of surgery is shorter; therefore, the risk of infection is much lower. As a result, rehabilitation is faster.
    • The replacement implanted in this way provides a greater range of motion, meaning that patients are able to move their knees much better, almost as in their young age.
    • And finally, perhaps the most important long-term benefit is: The risk of loosening, the most common complication is extremely reduced, so in case of surgeries performed with this solution, the need for reoperation is significantly diminished! Because of this, our patients can remain complaint-free for up to 10 years longer!

What supports the above information?

  • We believe that the best evidence are always facts and data. All knee surgeons know the so-called Swedish Registry. Complaints about implanted knee replacements from all over the world are reported here. Perhaps the most informative data is that the Attune knee system has the fewest complaints, so it ranks first in the Swedish Registry of reliability!

Why Emineo Private Hospital?

Emineo was chosen because Emineo has been proving its maximum commitment to quality for more than 10 years. On the other hand, as the surgeries do not belong under the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (Institute of Health Insurance Fund Management), you are free to choose the best, most cutting-edge knee system. Last but not least, of all the private institutions, Emineo has the largest number of orthopedic specialists.

At the request of Johnson & Johnson, we are involved in the upskilling of musculoskeletal surgeons propagate this system, both on a theoretical and practical level. As part of this, surgeons learn the surgical technique at Emineo and then perform their first such surgeries under the supervision of Emineo. If the cooperation is considered successful by both parties, the next step may be to take on the task of education in the entire Eastern European region.

Where are we now? The first two patients have already applied for surgery and the first replacement will take place in the middle of October.

IMPORTANT: thanks to the strategic agreement, this outstanding, modern surgical technique will cost no more than previous solutions!

If you also feel that the fate of your knee is one of the most important issues in the next phase of your life, please make an appointment to our knee surgery clinic, where you can get more detailed information about this unusual opportunity or click here for details.

In the following videos, patients who have undergone this surgery talk about their experiences and goals. Please see for yourself.

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