How to get protected against flu?

How to get protected against flu?

Influenza (flu) viruses attack year-to-year causing smaller or bigger epidemics and unpleasant symptoms; the most common are high fever, malaise, headache, and a number of days in bed.

The most effective method against viruses is vaccination. There are many people who don’t want or don’t dare to get vaccinated, but since they meet other people day-by-day they can get infected easily.

Even healthy life style, regular exercise, and strong immune system can’t exclude the possibility of getting infected, but if the body is in a good general condition it decreases the possibility of infection. Continuous intake of various vitamins and regular sport may further increase the body’s resistance. Light therapy may be used as an additional protection to make ourselves even safer. Sensolite light therapy bed exerts its effect on the body in a pleasant way without any pain. It is recommended to use this light bed which resembles a tanning bed, for 2×20 minutes weekly. Due to the special lamps, polarized light increases blood-flow, improves cellular oxygenation, and also strengthens the immune system. Sensolite light therapy can be used not only for prevention but it may play an important and useful role in the treatment of diseases too.

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