Knoll Zsolt MD PhD


Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, Sports surgeon
Knoll Zsolt MD PhD

Consultation hours:

You can fix an appointment according to the consultation hours in advance.

Monday: From 13:30 to 16:00
Tuesday: From 09:00 to 16:30
Wednesday: From 14:00 to 18:00
Thursday: From 13:00 to 18:00

Making an appointment on working days: from 08:00 to 20:00.
Phone: 06 1 77 33 333


  • Consultation fee: 28.000 HUF ( first time )
  • Consultation fee: 14.000 HUF ( control examination )


Dr. Knoll Zsolt has been dealing with treatment of musculoskeletal disorders for almost 25 years. He specializes in sport surgery, orthopaedics and trauma surgery. He treats mainly injuries and disorders of the knee, shoulder and ankle joints. He separated one day surgery from the treatment of patients requiring longer hospital stay. He is the only one who pushed the limits of one day surgery among surgeries of the muskoloskeletal system. He was among the first ones who applied the double bundle (anatomical) technique for anterior cruciate ligament replacement and used own blood therapy (PRP) to recover the cartilage surface. He is one of the pioneers who successfully applied Latarjet surgery for the treatment of shoulder joint instability. He applies the protocols and guideleines of the German Society of Foot Sugery for the treatment of bunions. He uses implants of his own making for this purpose.

I graduated from Semmelweis University, Medical school in Budapest. I passed the specialist exam in orthopaedics at the Department for Sport Surgery of the National Institute of Sports Medicine. I became a qualified trauma surgeon at the Department of Orthopeadics and Trauma Surgery of Szent János Hospital. I qualified in sports medicine as a private doctor. I defended also my PhD thesis as a private doctor.

As a sports medicine specialist, I was the team doctor of the Újpest FC football team, the national fencing team, MIZO basketball team of the city Pécs and the leading doctor of the Hungarian Football Federation.

At present, I am the head of EMINEO Healthcare Centre, where I have my private consultation.

I defended my PhD thesis in 2003. Naturally, I carry on my investigations. I analyze the biomechanics of knee disorders. My scientific investigations are recognized also abroad, thus I travel a lot and read lectures at international conferences, just like many of my colleagues. I published numerous articles in popular periodicals (Mens Fitness, Bikemag, CKM), and I am frequently asked to give interviews (TV2, RTL, Telesport, Juventus Radio). I have consultation at the portal monthly; I find this idea very sympathetic.

My favourite sports are mountain biking, sailing and touring among the mountains. I have three wonderful children; I try to spend with them as much time as possible.

Medical degree Semmelweis University,

Medical School (267/1989)

Specialist exam in orthopaedics (599/1994)

Specialist exam in traumatology (224/1998)

Specialist exam in sports medicine (868/2004)


Scientific degree:

Ph.D. (13/2004. 02.23.)


Professional CV:

1989 – 1995: Department for Sport Surgery of the National Institute of Sports Medicine

1990 – 1994: Team doctor of the national ski team of the Republic of Hungary

1996 – 2000: Szent János Hospital, Department of Orthopeadics and Trauma Surgery

1997 – 2002: Doctor of the adult team of Újpest FC Football Division

2000 – 2003: Csepel, Weiss Manfréd Hospital, one day surgery

2000 – : Private doctor

2002 – 2006: Szent János Hospital, Department of Trauma Surgery, Care of trauma inpatiens, taking part in duties

2002 – 2004: Team doctor of the national fencing team of the Republic of Hungary

2004 – 2007: Team doctor of the Mizo Pécs Basketball Team

2003 – : Europmed Budaörs one day surgery

2004 – 2007: National Institute of Trauma Surgery and Emergency Medicine, assistant professor

2007 – 2008: Team doctor of the Hungarian National Football Team

2007 – : Tata Kastélypark Clinic, consultant in orthopaedics

2008 – 2012: Budapest, XIII. District Medical Centre One day surgery

2008 –2012: Balassagyarmat,Kenessey Albert Hospital, consultant in orthopaedics

2008 – 2013: Telki Private Hospital, consultant in orthopaedics

2009 – : Emineo Healthcare Centre, private consultation

2012 – : DrRose Private Hospital, consultant in orthopaedics