screening-tests-vs-diagnostic-testsPrevention is extremely important for us at Emineo Healthcare and Trauma Centre. Diagnostic examinations help us recognize conditions that may result in severe problems (or even surgical treatment) for the patient later on. We reveal the disorders of the bones with our own digital X-ray appliance and we use our own ultrasound device to elicit the abnormalities of muscles, joints and internal organs. If necessary, we perform also laboratory examinations in order to clear up invisible dangers as well. Cardiovascular problems can be detected with our cardiologic examinations. If you wish an all-round medical check-up, we can recommend you our manager screening program, in which more examinations are available as a package, at the same time!

Have a look at our list of examinations and learn more about the options:

EMG examination ECG / stress ECG 24 hours ABPM / Holter ECG EMG examination Laboratory examinations X-ray examination Adult ultrasonography Paediatric ultrasonography