Laboratory tests

Why are they important?

In addition to medical and physical examination, one of the most important ways to map a health complaint is to request laboratory tests, as these can not only provide answers to the underlying diseases and their progress, but also help to set up the best therapy. Our specialist may set up the treatment plan based on blood, urine and stool tests and these can be supplemented with imaging scans (x-rays, MRI) too.


What do you need to know about this examination?

At Emineo Private Hospital, it is possible to perform either a few tests or comprehensive laboratory testing (several hundred tests). The tests may be performed either on the request of a healthcare professional or the patient. Blood samples are taken to explore the patient’s problems, and then the samples are sent to a central laboratory, but it is also possible to bring in urine and stool samples. Depending on the complexity of the examination requested by the doctor, the results will arrive in our office within 1-5 working days. A specialist helps the patient to interpret the results, after which they can discuss a list of further treatments and tasks. The laboratory test may be initiated by a specialist in all cases.

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