24 hours ABPM/Holter ECG monitoring

What is ABPM?

ABPM stands for Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in English. In our daily practice, it means measuring blood pressure in a 24-hour period, every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes at night using a small portable device. If hypertension is suspected or followed, it is used at Emineo Private Hospital, and the effectiveness of ongoing treatment can also be assessed this way. It often reveals elevations during the day or occasionally, that are not detected by occasional measurements.

24 órás kardio

What is Holter ECG monitoring?

Holter monitoring is a 24-hour outpatient ECG monitoring. The data is collected by a small machine, and data are retrieved and evaluated after the device is removed. It is used in case of short-term palpitations, loss of consciousness, and suspected arrhythmias. It is not a burden for the patient as the device does not complicate everyday life.

Our specialists:

Cardiological examinations


Dr. Zoltán Sidó PhD




From 25,000 HUF
ECG test
From 8,000 HUF
Cardiac stress test

From 30,000 HUF
24 hours Holter ECG monitoring
From 25,000 HUF
Complex cardiac screening
From 30,000 HUF
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