Be careful on slippery streets! elcsúszas

Icy, snowy pavements and roads with low visibility. During winter, we have to be extra careful about where to step when we go out on the streets. The risk is increased when the weather is filthy, and it is observed that the number of limb injuries rises under such conditions.

Choosing the wrong shoes or making an unconsidered move may put anyone at risk when walking on a slippery street. According to Dr. Börzsei-Knoll Veronika, orthopaedic and trauma specialist and foot surgeon in Emineo Healthcare and Trauma Centre, we can do a lot in order to protect our physical integrity even by carefully choosing the shoes we wear.

The best choice is a shoe that has a large contact area with the ground and preferably has a rubber sole. In this season, I don’t recommend women to wear high heels but if it is absolutely necessary, then they should take a replacement pair of shoes with them. Elderly people who have a walking aid prescribed by an expert should use the walking cane because it makes their gait more stable – recommends Dr. Börzsei-Knoll Veronika.

The expert observed that most accidents affect the elderly since they are more likely to have coordination disorders, often suffer from osteoarthritis, and react more slowly in an unexpected situation. One of the most common injuries affecting them is femoral neck fracture, which confines them to bed for a long time – and that may lead to further medical problems. Therefore, the trauma specialist recommends that unless it is absolutely necessary, elderly people should not leave their homes and they should not be ashamed to ask their neighbour or family to help them.

Mothers should not lose hold of their small children’s hand or the baby carriage, not even for a second and everybody needs to be careful while getting on and off from vehicles. A lot of people like to ride bicycles even during the winter, but they should avoid this popular means of transport in this season. Pedestrians need to pay regard to drivers too, because vehicles need a longer way and more time to stop on slippery roads.

We mainly guard ourselves with our upper limbs, therefore hand, wrist and elbow fractures are the most common, but abdominal, thoracic and head injuries are also frequent, and in unlucky cases we may get an internal bleeding, thoracic injury or rib fracture. No one should wait for the pain to go away spontaneously. If you feel severe abdominal pain, are nauseous, have a deformity or large swelling on a limb, or you can’t stand up again after a fall, don’t hesitate to see an expert!

Procrastination and several hours of waiting may lead to prolonged rehabilitation and permanent injuries that set the patient back in both private and professional life. Patients don’t need to wait long hours for treatment at Emineo Healthcare and Trauma Centre’s private trauma clinic, since every patient is seen by a doctor right away on each day of the week – even on weekends – between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Specialists and assistants of the clinic calmly and clearly explain all important information concerning the injury and rehabilitation, and are willing to answer the patients’ questions.