Recover injection therapy



Dr. Börzsei-Knoll Veronika, Dr. Knoll Zsolt and Emineo Healthcare and Trauma Centre were the first in Hungary to successfully use PRP self-blood therapy in their patients. Self-blood therapy has helped more than 200 patients during the more than 5 years since then.

Recover™ injection therapy, PRP therapy (or self-blood therapy) is blood plasma taken from the patient’s blood and centrifuged which is 6-8 times richer in platelets (PLT) than normal blood. This platelet concentrate contains a large amount of various so-called growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate bone and soft tissue healing and speed up improvement of the patient’s condition. The material (blood, etc.) after it was taken and processed is injected back to the site of injury, e.g. into the tendon or ligament. Ergo PRP therapy is a kind of regenerative treatment using the body’s own material for healing. During this process the blood components are separated in such a way that those components that activate healing mechanisms the most are collected, and the resulting concentrate stimulates healing when injected back to the injured or affected site. The therapy can be used on an outpatient basis or during surgery – depending on the disease.

Several manufacturers offer PRP therapy in Hungary nowadays, but unfortunately most of them are much inferior in terms of healing stimulation and efficacy as compared to Recover™ PRP therapy. Recover™ therapy is given to the patient in only one session and provides a guaranteed result, while concurrent products need 2-3 treatment sessions and gain much less concentration of platelets from the patient’s blood.

Advantages of Recover™ injection therapy:

  • absolutely riskless since the patient’s own blood is used and thus the risk of infection is 0%
  • not demanding for the body as the amount of blood taken is minimal (60 mL)
  • takes 25-30 minutes at the most
  • doesn’t require hospitalization
  • one treatment session is enough and it doesn’t need to be repeated
  • speeds up healing
  • eing a local therapy it has a focused effect at the affected site


What it is good for?

  • treatment of joint pain
  • treatment of chronic inflammations such as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow
  • treatment of heel or sole pain caused by periosteal irritation, e.g. heel spur
  • treatment of chronic Achilles tendon inflammation
  • treatment of injuries of the cartilage surface in joints
  • treatment of cartilage surface abrasion and symptoms of osteoarthriti
  • we have also used this method several times to promote faster reconvalescence following cruciate ligament and cartilage surgeries

Recover™ Platelet Separation kit is a medical device approved to be prescribed and used only by specialists and it is not available for public distribution.

Ask your physician for more detailed information on Recover™ Platelet Separation kit. It is always a specialist’s duty, competence and responsibility to select patients and to choose, recommend and perform therapy in individual cases.

Specialists, assistants:

Dr. Börzsei-Knoll Veronika